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Taxis of the guild "Cesar Martín Rosado" are the only taxis service available on the town of Puerto Morelos.

They have around ___ units that travel more than ___ kilometers per day transporting passengers from all around Puerto Morelos, whether it is the commercial coast zone or the residential zone of this charming town, they will be there for you.

Founded by ___ in the year ___ the taxi guild Cesar Martín Rosado was founded with the objective of  ___

The cost of their services outside Puerto Morelos town varies depending on the destination of the passenger, however, inside the town of Puerto Morelos they have a rate of $25 Mexican pesos per trip.

Next you will find the taxi sites available on Puerto Morelos as well as their telephone numbers:

1. Puerto Morelos downtown taxi site: located at the entrance of the commercial coastal zone of Puerto Morelos.
Telephone number: 87 - 100 - 90

2. Federal highway taxi site: located on the federal highway Puerto Morelos - Playa del carmen and at the entrance of the highway that leads to the coast zone of Puerto Morelos.
Telephone number: 87 - 100 - 90

3. Villas Morelos I taxi site: located on ___.
Telephone number: _____

4. Villas Morelos II taxi site: located on ___
Telephone number: 87 - 100 - 90

And finally, here is a map will all the sites where you can get a taxi on Puerto Morelos.

Puerto Morelos, where to take a taxi